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Various Treatments Of Melancholy

If a person has been diagnosed with treatments of melancholy, the treatment depends on the extent of the symptoms and the patient’s desire. Through discussions between the doctor and the patient, suitable therapy approaches can usually be developed for each case. In addition to drug treatment, psychotherapy plays a major role for depressed patients.

Depression Treatment & Management

This is particularly useful for exogenous forms, because in the course of the meeting sessions the reason for the onset of depression is determined and managed. Many patients are cured after a one-time depressive episode, but the chances of healing are also significantly dependent on the success of the treatment.

Symptoms of Melancholic Depression

Treatment with various antidepressant medications has become established in depressive patients over the years. Through ever-increasing research, drugs have now been developed that are both effective and poor in side effects, so that long-term treatment is no longer excluded. In mild forms of depression, even herbal preparations are often helpful.

Melancholic Depression

Psychotherapy is often very helpful for patients with depression and can lead to lasting healing. However, since the symptoms of melancholy are often so pronounced at the beginning that the patient does not attend therapy on his own initiative, it is sometimes necessary to consider a drug treatment first. Only when the person concerned is stabilized by medication to the extent that he can exercise his therapy hours on a regular basis is the actual deep psychological treatment.

treatments of melancholy

Ancient Treatment For Depression And Melancholia

Combined depression with anxiety disorders can often be treated just like pure melancholy with antidepressants, as they also have a fear-releasing effect. Psychotherapy can also be very helpful for combined diseases, when the underlying disease is treated, the symptoms of depression are equally mitigated and disappear, ideally, by themselves.


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