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Global Studies About Obesity

According to a global study, there are now more obese than thin people. In Europe too, the average BMI is above the healthy normal value. A calculator shows you what it looks like.

Obesity In World

The BMI is determined by the weight of a person in relation to the square of the body size. Overweight, who exceeds a BMI of 25, is the group of the highly obese, and thus around the 700 million adipose people worldwide, counts who has a BMI over 30.

About one percent of men and two percent of women are morbidly overweight (BMI over 40). Thus, 55 million people have so much on the ribs that basic functions of their body, such as breathing, are affected.

If the development continues at the same pace, according to study 2025, approximately one in five people worldwide will be severely overweight (BMI over 30).

Global Obesity Levels

Thus, the spread of strong overweight has long been too great to be dealt with by drugs, such as blood pressure sinks or diabetes medicines, or a few more bicycle tracks. In order to actually make a difference, global action is needed, such as higher prices for highly processed and very sugary foods.

Among western industrialized nations, the US has the highest average BMI (28.9 in males, 28.7 in women). The lowest BMI is in this comparison group in Japan (men 23.6; Women 21.7)

At the same time, there are still many people who do not have enough food and whose health is at risk due to malnutrition. The global tendency to be overweight should not overshadow the problems of many people who do not get enough food, the experts explain. The data coincide with studies that extreme overweight is also common among infants up to five years and among adults.

about obesity

Whether children are increasing depends on several factors. On the one hand, it is much easier to take over calories in many countries today. Food is readily available almost everywhere, especially unhealthy fast food.

In addition, people, including children, now move less than before. They burn less calories, even though they eat a lot or more. The scissors between very fit children and those who do not move at all, are opening up more and more.


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