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Foods That Prevent Cancer

Cancers have developed into a purely popular epidemic, as the number of people affected is steadily increasing. Malignant tumors are now among the most common causes of death in the western world after cardiovascular disease. So it is urgently time to take an active part in this development. Therefore, go for a diet that contains a variety of cancer-inhibiting foods.

The most important measure to be taken for cancer patients is the restoration of a healthy intestinal environment. To this, a consistent dietary change is generally required. Ready meals, fast food, microwave food, animal food, sugar and white flour products should be taboo as of now, because with a diet of this kind, a change of milieu is excluded.

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Cancer Fighting Superfoods


Berries are generally great fruits, which are not only very popular with their unique tempting appearance and their heavenly taste. In addition to these advantages, the berries above all show a particularly health-promoting effect, because they have a very high proportion of protective bioflavonoids (secondary plant substances).


In tomatoes are responsible for the contained lycopene for the cancer-inhibiting property. How could it be otherwise, that it is again a particularly strong antioxidant.

Green Tea 

Its richness of cancer-fighting polyphenols makes the green tea an excellent anticarcinogenic beverage. One of the contained polyphenols is the ellagic. Their outstanding health effects are already known to them by the berries.

Vitamin D

The positive effects of vitamin D on human health are so diverse that we cannot enumerate them all. But we would like to point out a very special feature here. It is about the function of vitamin D in the prevention and treatment of cancer.


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