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Cancer Patients With Weight Loss

A weight loss in cancer can have many causes. It becomes menacing when it comes to tumor cachexia. New therapeutic approaches should help.

Weight Loss a Sign of Cancer

Weight loss can happen in cancer patients very much. The reasons are manifold. For example, the absorption and recovery of food in a cancer can be affected by therapy: Some patients suffer from nausea in chemotherapy, which corrupts the appetite. Mucosal damage to the esophagus after irradiation may make the food a pain. If large portions of the stomach or intestine have been removed, the nutrient intake may be hindered.

Prevent Cancer-Related Weight Loss

But even the cancer itself often leads to weight loss, which is sometimes the first symptom. An unclear weight loss should therefore always be a doctor. In a part of the cancer patients there is a strong wasting, the tumor cachexia. The eyes sink, the skin weakens, the bones emerge. Sufferers are not only weakened and stigmatized, the cachexia is also a threatening state.

Weight Loss In Cancer Patients

Lack of appetite and nausea can often be alleviated with medications, especially if they are the result of chemotherapy. The patient should also receive a calorie-rich diet at a critically low body weight. In some cases, the gift of omega-3 fatty acids and protein preparations has proven itself. However, the procedure should always be done in consultation with the doctor or dietitian. If necessary, nutrients must be administered by infusion. This measure is effective especially if the normal dietary intake is more difficult due to therapy, for example after irradiation or surgery of the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition to nutrient intake and inflammation inhibition, muscle building also plays an important role. Moderate training  in consultation with the doctor acts on the one hand to the muscle loss and on the other hand causes the metabolism to reduce resources.


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