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11 Healthy habits to do everyday

We are all time bound creatures, aren’t we? We live and we die. The in-between is a phase of constant challenges, crossing unimaginable hurdles and a desperate attempt to keep ourselves healthy and prosperous.

Some of us are born healthy, but we seldom realize it until it’s too late. It’s true that we all become busy with our lives forgetting the fact that our body needs our help. People eat unhealthy food even though they know it might harm them.

People willingly engage in bad habits like smoking, drinking and doing drugs even though they know it might kill them.

We all have one life and one body that need our constant care and attention.

Cultivation of certain habits in our daily routine will sure help you a great deal. There are plenty of ways to develop healthy habits, that will help you boost up your life expectancy.

Here are some basic healthy habits that you need to incorporate in your life everyday:

1-)Hydrate your body with plenty of water. More than 5 glasses at least.

2-)Smile; it doesn’t cost a penny!

3-)No matter how uncertain the future may seem, practice EVERYDAY to achieve your goal in life.

4-)Never underestimate the power of questioning. Never hesitate to ask.

5-)Keep yourself and your surroundings clean. Maintain a habit of keep your nails clean as well.

6-)Take a personal holiday every day. Be with yourself, alone with your thoughts. You might gain some interesting perspective about yourself.

7-)Get 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Your brain needs it.

8-)Exercise for at least an hour a day. Try to stand more than sitting.

9-)Try to avoid fast food. Start cooking. Taste the sense of accomplishment after making your own meal. Eat more vegetable and fruits.

10-)Interact with people. Try to surround yourself with positive and enthusiastic individuals.

11-)Last but not least, try not to be nosey about others because minding your own business is the path for attaining inner peace!

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  1. Paula

    Simple and true!

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