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Training Plan To Lose Weight At Home

Stress is one of the most common reasons why you go to the couch and not to the sport. Here comes an ingenious training plan for home, which you can implement at any time.

There are many exercises that you can do with your own body weight in the smallest space. And: You can adapt it to your personal preferences and fitness level. The following training schedule for home is aimed at beginners. If you want more, you can complicate the exercises in which you take heavier variants, increase the number of repeats or use weights.

You need about 10 minutes for each workout. Best to make a quick warm-up in advance. Jog for 1-2 minutes on the spot, make jumping jacks or jump ropes. Burpees are also a great warm-up that really gets the cycle going.

Belly Rotation

Sit upright. The legs are bent, the feet stand with a little distance to the bottom. Take a dumbbell or a pillow between the arms stretched out. Tightens the belly firmly and rotates the upper body with the arms stretched alternately to the left and to the right side.
3 x 12 reps

Folding Knife

Sit upright. It  tightens the  belly, legs and buttocks firmly. Now take your arms stretched high, raise your legs bent so that the calves are parallel to the ground. This exercise tilts also the upper body a little.


Set you upright, tightens your belly and buttocks firmly. The arms can be stretched forward or supported in the hips. Now get deep into the knees, push the butt backwards, the upper body is bent slightly forward, but remains straight.


Tightens your belly and buttocks firmly. With the right leg, make a big lunge step forward, bending the left leg. Make sure that the right knee does not protrude beyond the toe. Come back to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the opposite leg.


Come down to your knees. If the arms are slightly wider than shoulder width, push the upper body a bit forward. The closer it is to the knees, the easier the exercise becomes. Tightly tighten the belly and then bend the arms deeply. Push the elbows outward, making sure that the hips do not slip up or down.

Bicep Curls

Take in each hand a dumbbell or a filled 1.5 litre water bottle. Bend the arms 90 degrees, the palms point upward. Move the hands from this position towards the upper body.


Come in abdominal position. Support yourselve on the forearms, the elbows are under the shoulders. Push the body up so that the weight is worn only by the toes and the forearms. Make sure that the abdomen is tight and that the hips do not slip up or down.

lose weight at home

Leg Jacks

For the inner side of the thighs lay on the left side, supporting the upper body on the left forearm. Push the right stretched leg forward and then lift the left leg in small movements. Make sure the toe tips are tightened.

Triceps Curls

Take in each hand a dumbbell or a filled water bottle. Now bend the legs slightly, bend the upper body slightly forward and raise the 90 degrees bent arms high, so that the upper arms are parallel to the torso and the hands to the floor point. Now you’re going to stretch your arms backwards. Make sure that the upper arms remain close to the body.


Take a dumbbell or a bottle of water in each hand. Angle the arms 90 degrees and stretch them to the shoulder height to the side. The upper arms are parallel to the floor, the forearms and dumbbells point to the ceiling. Now you push the forearms in front of your head together and apart.


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