Effective ways to lose weight based on your body type

Everybody has different body type and no matter what type and size you are, weight loss goal can still be achieved. With right diet and workout plan you can easily lose your weight. So don’t worry, just get ready to be in best body shape.

Determine your body type: The first step in losing weight is to know about your body type. There are different body types like apple shape (heavy from the  top), pear (heavy from the bottom) or slim body type. Once you know about your body type, you will be able to target the area having more fats. You will be able to plan your workout and diet plan accordingly.

If your body type is endomorph (store fat easily): People with this type of body tent to store fat very quickly. So endomorph body type needs to work extra hard to lose weight. To lose weight, they should eat 5 small meals in whole day. Metabolism should be strong so that they can workout without getting much tired. The best workout plan for endomorph body type is cardio. 30 minutes of high intensity cardio is most suitable for them.


If your body type is mesomorph (muscular type):  Mesomorph are more muscular than other body types. They can gain and lose weight easily. These body types should avoid eating junk food as they can gain weight quickly. They can get benefit from strength training, cardio and weight training. This body type should also include more protein in their diet and also avoid oily food.

If your body type is ectomorph (tall and thin): This body frame type includes people who are skinny and thus they face issues while gaining weight and muscles. When they get older they tend to gain weight easily. They should not cutting down on much calories as there is a risk of losing muscles. Ectomorph should do more muscle building exercise and diet should contain green vegetables and fruits.
So determine your body type and get in best shape of your life. Happy weight loss!

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