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Some Tricks To Influence And Manipulate People

From a scientific point of view, there is no longer any doubt about the high level of human suggestibility. Psychologists and perceptual researchers were able to show in irrefutable density and consistency how easily and unnoticed our supposedly autonomous judgments can be influence people from outside. We are being manipulated daily, we are constantly and on many levels.

Psychological Tricks To Influence People

One of the exciting questions of this research direction is how a single person can influence someone else’s thinking and acting. We are particularly interested in what makes people want to be changed by an application or a solicitation.


People we are connected to, we like to do a little favor once. This applies even more to friends and acquaintances who are sympathetic to us. Some American companies skillfully wove this human train into its sales concept and has thus gained worldwide profits for decades.


Imitation is something people do by nature. One adapts to the environment by copying the behavior, manners and the way other people speak. Researchers have investigated such mirrors and concluded that those who were imitated were much more friendly to the person who copied them. This has to do with the fact that one’s own behavioral pattern gets a confirmation and this association with the imitator is the most positive connection.

Ask For A Favor

Scientists have accepted this theory and found that those who were asked by the researcher for a personal favor later classified it as more positive than other groups did. This means that when someone does you a favor, he decides on a rational level that you are worthy of the favor and that he must like you for these reasons.

Start High

First, you ask someone for an unrealistic favor (which you don’t even need), so that the person definitely says no and thus, so to speak, strikes the door in front of the nose. At the same time, one asks the same person for something much lower (the real concern). The person is supposed to get a bad conscience in accordance with this technique because she rejected you the first time, and will now feel more obligated to help you the second time-especially since the second please appears smaller in contrast.

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Make An Offer That You Can’t Refuse

Instead of starting big and then screwing down the claims, start with something quite small. As soon as someone commits to help you, he is also more inclined to agree with a size favor. Scientists have investigated this phenomenon in relation to marketing. They started convincing people of the sense of support for the rainforest.

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