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Psychological Signs Of Hair And What It Reveals About You

Every hairstyle sends psychological signals and reveals something about the wearer. For young people, the hair is an experimental field in search of one’s own identity. And while a person wants to share something with his hair, his viewer is drawing far-reaching conclusions about his personality.

Results Of A Hairy Study

The hair would serve the man for self-portrayal and on his own part he would close to others, and mine, to recognize their personality by the hair. So the conclusion of the study. But women also have specific peculiarities: according to this, women should look first in the face, then on the hair, at the first meeting.

Signal Of Group Affiliation

The question of what impression my hair makes on others is only one perspective. The other view explores what someone wants to express with his hair. The hair signals the affiliation to a particular group. The hairstyle is still strongly dependent on the social layer. People wear their hair consciously or unconsciously as their social environment wants. You want to be part of it. This is how mature ladies usually wear a blonde style.

Hairstyles Change, The Style Remains

Anyone who makes the long mane a short style or over colors natural blond red, usually has a serious incision in his life behind him, an observation among hairdressers. But the style will still remain the same, they say. The media are often style-making. But people can not only consciously express something with their hair. The psyche also makes itself noticeable with hair.

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First Impression Decides

Nevertheless, some consider the hairstyle to be one of the most important key stimuli in the first impressions: the hair is for people one of the central triggers of sympathy and antipathy. The author of the book “The Psychology of the first impression-the language of the hair” is able to read about characteristics such as grooming or fashion consciousness in some circumstances.


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