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Psychological Facts About Dreams

When it comes to the subject of sleep and dreams, science still faces many open questions. Certain things that are going on in the brain during the night have now been deciphered by the researchers. But many other things cannot be explained to even the most recognized brain researchers. Above all, the theme of dreams raises countless questions.

Psychological Facts of Dreams

For a long time, sleep has been seen as the process of sorting and storing the events of the day. Recent research confirms that now: imagine the brain as a second intestine. What the brain stores becomes part of what makes us. Thus dreams are the digestive system of the brain.

Interesting Psychological Facts About Dreams

You may have heard that dreams are only in the so-called REM phase process. For a long time, researchers were also assuming. Meanwhile, however, they know more. In reality we dream all night. We get more of our dreams in the REM phase. But not seeing them does not mean that dreams are not there. In the later course of the night, the REM phases are getting longer, so we usually remember the dreams in the last third of the night.

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The shock of the alarm clock, which brings people back to the cool reality, often lets them forget which pictures they had in their heads only a few moments earlier. The best way to remember dreams is according to researchers, slowly waking up, staying for minutes and simply letting go.

When dreams repeat, this can be a wink of consciousness. For example, it could be an indication that one has not developed further or that a particular problem is still not solved, say dream researchers. According to psychologists, writing down the dreams can help to bring these unresolved issues into the consciousness.

A recent US study has come to the conclusion that people with increased brain activity tend to remember dreams. The study also showed that people can remember dreams that react faster to noise at night.

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