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Personality Models And Different Theories

We are dealing with other people on a daily basis and we have to deal with their sensitivities, properties, abilities and many other components and peculiarities. In order to guarantee this individual treatment and the appropriate handling of our fellow human beings, it helps to be taught about the different personality theories of psychology.

At least it is helpful to have heard and to know that each person has a different character and that we are therefore to face many different personalities with different views and values. In general, all people should deal with their own personality and know the essential traits of their own selves. But especially for people who take on a daily responsibility for other people and act as senior executives, the following personality theories represent an interesting added value and enable a more individual and more conscious management of people and employees.

Theories of Personality

In principle, personality models can be distinguished in two classes. In the first class, the focus is on personality types. In these personality models, one is in principle only assigned to one personality type, even if mixed forms are possible to a limited extent. The advantage of these personality models is that well-chosen types have a fairly high recognition value, which is why these personality models can be quickly learnt and applied. They are therefore more suitable for the live evaluation of foreign people, as personality models of the second class. Disadvantage, however, is that they entice you to think of drawers.

Second class personality models focus on scales. These personality models assume that there are a certain number of dimensions that are important to describe the human character. This is not about the question of whether, but about how strong the influence of a scale is on the personality. These personality models are much more flexible and far more suitable for capturing the full range of different characters.

Personality Theories and Models

Besides a personality model, the Enneagram is above all a way to personal development, which is strongly influenced by spirituality, esotericism and partly also religiosity. The roots of the Enneagram could go back to antiquity.

personality models

In the Enneagram one is basically only one of these types assigned. This can still be influenced by another so-called “wing”. In addition, the types can still be divided into sub-types. However, a mixture of the types is not provided. On the contrary, the Enneagram strongly urges all personality models to assign themselves to a single personality type.

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