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The Intense Psychological Effect And Meaning Of Colors

To select colors appropriately, the meaning and psychological effect of each color should be known. Colors have an intense unconscious meaning that affects each of us. The effect can be very different individually. However, there are general associations that apply to everyone.

The Psychological Effects of Colors

But colors do not only dissolve associations, but above all also emotions and feelings. These are used in marketing for a long time. In product design, in packaging design, but also in interior design.

In addition to the subjective perception, there are also general color effects, so that colors can be selected objectively and the theoretical justification of this selection.

Color Meanings and Moods

Red Color

Red has a signal effect. Attention, fire, danger signals them. Red generates attention. What is designed in red is an eye-catcher. Red elements want to be noticed.

Yellow Color

Yellow looks cheerful. It is the brightest of the colors presented.

Green Color

Green looks alive and natural. Natural, environmental and health topics are being implemented with green colouring.

Blue Color

Blue is the favorite color of the many people. It is the typical business color, because it has a sober, factual and trustworthy effect. But it cannot convey too much emotion. Whereas with the other colors the effect is strongly dependent on the exact hue, blue retains its character also in different gradations.

psychological effect

Black Color

When there is no more light, it is black. Black can be dark and inhibiting. In designs, however, it has a very high contrast (black on white) and gives the elements a special meaning.

Brown  Color

Brown, similar to violet, is rather seldom used. Mostly for natural, environmental or wood topics. Or to create a traditional, homely atmosphere. Brown, however, depends on old fashioned effect.

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