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The Industry And Organization Psychology

The industry stands for a new industrial revolution. What happens to people and work, what is the future of human resources management? Working and organization psychology at the universities expect in particular decentralized organizational structures and more self-responsible work. The emergence of new occupational images, the role of employees in a networked working world, all this requires a lot of imagination.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

With the industry, the spectrum of tasks and requirements of the human being is changing. In addition to professional qualification, more complex requirements but also social skills will play a greater role. The new positioning of the employees in the production process can only be successfully managed through modified qualification strategies, new approaches for acquiring knowledge and competence in the workplace and digital learning techniques.

In particular, an interdisciplinary qualification with the know of how the engineering sectors will be important. The variety of possible fields of application associated with the industry sets limits for standardized training.

In the future, employees will be given more opportunities for acting responsibly. Optimal system design and corresponding technical and work design require decentralized management and control forms.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Already today, it can be seen to varying degrees that there is a detachment from the classical, hierarchical organization with rigid work structure, time orientation, control and the separation of work and leisure.

The smart attribute must not be limited to manufacturing, new products, and software. For the industry, as part of a networked intelligent working environment, management must provide a qualitative personnel planning. In addition to preparing for the complex and dynamic processes, it is also necessary to guarantee that the work is demographic-sensitive designed.

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We will face a shrinking and aging workforce also in the factory of the future. This requires greater consideration of the health promotion of employees and executives. Great value must be put on individual needs to harmonize work and private life. Work processes and structures and the resulting psychological and physical burdens must be health-justifiable.


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