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Famous Psychological Experiments That We Have Heard

Each of us has already heard about the psychological experiments. Of these famous experiments of psychology that cause goosebumps. Like Stanley Milgram’s. Who successfully instructed his subjects to put violent electric shocks on foreign people. They were ordinary people who did it.

Most Famous Psychological Experiments

They gave electric shocks simply because they were told. But who were these men? Why was there an attempt at all? And how did this influence us? Questions that Lauren Slater in her book “of Rats and people” is trying to get to the bottom. Milgram experiments is only one under ten, which the author has subjected to an accurate as well as very personal analysis.

“Rats and humans”- Already the title is program, because the American author Lauren Salter, by the way herself psychologist, kidnapped very skilfully, humorously and sometimes a bit cynical in the often skurill-looking world of psychology and her actors. Or as it is in the original title so beautiful is called openning Skinner’s Box: She opens the box, one for lay mysterious. And that makes them extremely unconventional. For Lauren Slater not only describes ten of the most important psychological experiments of the twentieth century and arranges them historically, but also presents the test makers in detail, describes their Vita, both professionally and privately, and always tries to extent to which the experiments have influenced the lives of the creators themselves.

psychological experiments

Skillfully, the author breathes life into the experiments, brings them out of the world of science and makes them tangible. She does not shy away from repeating some of the experiments presented in her own body. All of this makes them so good, so skillfully, that they can be followed as readers. One creeps through the black box of a B. F. Skinner, who successfully showed that the behaviour of rats could be conditioned by reward and thus also offered conclusions for human behavior.

That man is directed less by free will than by the prospect of reward. The story about this experiment is particularly spiced up by the fact that Slater is following the rumors about Skinner’s older daughter. Rumours suggesting that Skinner should have put his daughter in a box in the first two years of her life to make her behave.



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