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The Connection Of How Computer Games Affect Our Psychological Behavior

Behind our behavior is a little bit of logic ,but often hidden behind the peculiarities of our brain. Today we want you to introduce the effect of the connection between violent games and aggression as well as prosocial games and helpfulness.

Computer Games-Affect

Behavior and Violent Computer Games

The connection between aggressive behavior and violent computer games is not exceptionally high, but it is significant. Aggressive behavior, feelings and thoughts would increase, compassion and prosocial behavior would take off. It is not a matter of the fact that violent people would only reach out to aggressive computer games anyway, explained the experts of social psychology. Another reason for the increased aggression lies in the transfer of the game to everyday life. The sooner a counterparty is perceived as inhumane, the less inhibition is to use violence. Users of violent games would also tend to be dehumanizing their counterparts in everyday life and thus to everyday aggression, which they classify as harmless in relation to the events of the game.

Violent Computer Games
However, this influence on our behavior is also reversed. Games were also tested, which have rescue or help to the goal, so-called prosocial games. Like the violent games, a comparative group randomly played a neutral game like Tetris. After that, both groups were faced with an emergency situation. Of the participants in the neutral game helped only one in five, while more than half of the players of a prosocial computer game step in. Moreover, players of prosocial games recognized words like help faster and donated more of their earnings as players of violent games.

violent games

Although the play of ego shooters stimulates aggression, the joint play can push this aspect into the background and promote cooperative thought. Players who used violent games together even donated more than those who played neutrally on their own.You can catch the effects of violent computer games when you play them together.

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