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How The Body Language Reverberates With Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral psychology, non-verbal communication and body language are terms, which without each other make little or no sense. But what about it? The body language of an individual is the unique way in which a person behaves and how it moves. The movement, the inclination of the head, the use of other parts of the body, the facial features of a human being, all his facial expressions and gestures; In short the nonverbal communication, tells something about the state of mind and the thoughts.

Theories of Behavioral Psychology

The term body language also implies the way a person dresses, his vocal posture and existing body decorations, such as tattoos or piercings. All these outward appearances allow to a certain degree to close the character and mood of a person. Every person unconsciously carries out a nonverbal communication with his fellow human beings, whether he wants it or not. The behavior of a person is controlled by his subconscious and not, as usually
assumed, purely from reason or will.

What Is Behavioral Psychology?

Body language is extremely diverse, so to interpret it requires knowledge of a lot of details. In particular, behavioral psychology is concerned with exploring the relationships between different personality traits and non-verbal communication. Particularly interesting for behavioral psychology is the analysis of behaviors of different characters. The analysis is based on the conscious and involuntary movement and form of individual parts of the body. However, the observation cannot be limited to a single one. It does not require the pure analysis of a head movement or a wink, but of the interplay of all these parts of the body.

behavioral psychology

Many observations allow an interpretation, whereby the obviously items are very diverse. Behavioral psychology, in addition, examines the interpretation of behaviour in relation to social situations, for example during telephone calls or during a lecture.


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