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3 Best Psychological Books

The “psychology” division, especially in the form of counselors, is currently one of the most popular categories in the world of books. Dealing with our feelings and understanding them in an in-depth way is essential to living a fulfilled life. This is why psychological books are an excellent tool for understanding and personal growth.

Greatest Psychology Books

There are a variety of topics and areas that can cover books about psychology and be very helpful to us in various matters. Everything depends on our current state of mind and our problem, more specifically on what area of our life we want to develop or improve.

Looking through and treating people properly: psychology for work and family

In his informative and entertaining book, Werner Correll describes why it is an art to deal with people properly. He points out that, for both our professional success and our private relations, the interpersonal aspect is the linchpin. He relies on his psychological knowledge and answers basic questions from the areas of living together, interaction and communication.

Emotional Intelligence

This counselor has been written many years ago, but still promises a very high learning effect. It is highly recommended and a reference for many psychologists of our time. In this book, the author analyzes in a brilliant way the relationship between thought and emotion world. 

Also, with this book, Daniel Goleman offers us the opportunity to learn what emotional intelligence means, how we can strengthen it and what it consists of. It is a well-known book on psychology that helps us to better understand ourselves and our fellow human beings.

psychological books

Fast Thinking, Slow Thinking 

This book has unexpectedly become an international bestseller. It describes the two forms or systems that have control over our thoughts in order to improve our quality of life through our thought quality. Daniel Kahneman surprises us by showing us how little we can trust our brain. It is linked through and through and often involves a wrong and unfinished rationing.


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