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Ways to Get a Healthy, Brilliant Smile

It’s important that you can take care of your beautiful set of teeth not only to prevent tooth decay but to help you keep that healthy, brilliant smile. If you don’t know where to start, you can take note of these following 5 basic ways:

1. Brush your teeth really well. Teeth brushing is not only for teeth whitening but also for the prevention of tooth decay. This is when bacteria start to “live” into your mouth, gnawing into different layers of your teeth until they can create holes, which you call cavities. If this tooth decay is not prevented, there’s a huge chance that you’ll end up having fake dentures even at a very young age.

However, as a form of dental care, it’s not just enough that you can brush your teeth. When you do, you have to do it right and well. First, experts in oral hygiene suggest that you brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day. This way, you can stop the buildup of tartar, plaque, and stain into your teeth. When brushing, make sure that you can do it very gently, with the use of a toothbrush that is made of fine bristles. This is to avoid hurting the gums or even your tongue when you’re brushing. Don’t forget to floss too to eliminate the food that gets stuck in between your teeth.

2. Use tooth whitening products. If you haven’t been paying attention, there’s a possibility that you already have discolored teeth. Fortunately, you can slowly change the appearance and bring back the white teeth by using teeth whitening products. There are plenty of them sold in the market today, such as whitening teeth gels, 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel System and 36% Carbamide Peroxide Bluelight Gel System. There are also teeth whitening kits that you can purchase over the counter. They are the same ones that are used by cosmetic dentists for maintaining oral hygiene of their patients as well as for teeth bleaching. These teeth whitening products are also considered safe, simply because it’s been trusted by various dental health associations. What’s more, results from these teeth whiteners are very immediate or fast, giving you back that white glow of your smile the soonest possible time.

Other teeth whiteners include specially formulated toothpastes, those with higher level of teeth whitening chemicals like carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. You can also bring along a mouthwash with you to kill the bacteria living in your mouth and reduce tooth decay and bad breath.

3. Eat healthy. Your mouth turns acidic, which then promotes tooth decay, when you eat sugary or starchy food. Thus, if you want to maintain your dental health, you may like to minimize their intake. You can also drink plenty of water after eating them to lessen the acidity. You also need to maintain a well-balanced diet, such as eating of fruits and vegetables. They can help maintain proper dental care because you will have healthier teeth and gums.

4. Visit your dentist. Prevention is always better than cure. It’s essential that you can visit your dentist every six months in order to prevent the buildup of stains into your teeth and to avoid the development of tooth decay and other mouth-related diseases. He can also apply the necessary teeth whitening treatments such as teeth bleaching whenever necessary. You may also need to take advantage of teeth cleaning, which can only be performed by your professional dentist. This is a simple form of teeth whitening treatment where hard deposits in your teeth are scraped with the use of a special machine.

5. Quit your vices. Do you know that smoking can cause tooth decay and teeth stains? If you’re into this habit, gradually remove it from your system. Not only will this be the most cost-effective means of teeth whitening, but you will also be giving yourself a much healthier pair of lungs.

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