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Proper Oral Care And Treatment Options

Oral care is a very important part of the care, because if the mouth and the mucous membranes are not cared for, you do not feel really comfortable. Oral care prevents diseases and bad breath can occur. The term oral care is mainly used in professional care and is a combination of actions that have trained caregivers for therapy and prevention of inflammation or injury (drying out of the mucous membrane) for example.

Proper Oral Care Is Important

A good oral care leads to a healthy oral flora in the mouth, because bacteria and foreign bodies can change the oral flora in the absence of hygiene and weaken their defensive function. Good oral care is an important part of body care, because the oral cavity is the entrance area of our digestive system where over 200 different types of bacteria romp. Bacteria are important for the natural oral flora, because they degrade food residues.

Soft Brushes Do Not Spare Teeth

Some elementary questions are answered by researchers today with the toothbrush machine. In a clinical study, a team showed that hard brushes clean the teeth much better, but more easily cause injuries to the gums. Soft toothbrushes are more likely to damage the tooth substance. But actually it’s logical. The softer brushes have more bristles.

Professional Dental Cleaning Has Advantages That Should Take Care Of Trained Staff

A Swedish long-term study showed that professional dental cleaning is useful. In the year 1972 from the Department of Preventive Dentistry in Karlstad 500 participants, which were divided into two groups. The members of the one regularly went to the dentist’s clinic for inspection and the others in addition to the dental cleaning.  It included a treatment of the gums if necessary, at first every two months, then at greater intervals. Five years later, the differences in newly encountered caries were so striking that the control group was dissolved and their participants were also encouraged to go for tooth cleaning.

For A Nice Smile

Medications for lips make not only beautiful teeth, well-groomed lips are essential for a radiant smile. If the blisters typical for cold sores show up on the lips, those affected usually feel that they are very uncomfortable. The virus that is responsible for it has many people in it – often without knowing it. The actual triggers for the onset of cold sores can be very different.

There are several options for treatment: the creams can be applied directly to the lip bubbles and soothing effects. In addition, there are dietary supplements that can help from the inside against cold sores.

Oral Care

More a cosmetic than a medical problem is when the teeth show unsightly discoloration. They are mostly produced by the enjoyment of coffee or black tea, but also by smoking. The discoloration can be removed either at the dentist or at home using cosmetic dental care products. Plaque is a relatively common tooth problem. This means deposits on the teeth that form within a few hours of brushing. If you are not eliminated by proper oral care such as brushing your teeth and mouthwash, you can harden and provide the ideal basis for caries, gum inflammation and periodontitis. If you already suffer from periodontitis, you will find a suitable supplement to the periodontal treatment.

Special gels for the cleaning of the tongue have an antibacterial effect and can support oral care. The use of a mouth gel is usually only necessary in case of injury or inflammation of the gums. Important: After you have enjoyed a juice or other acidic foods, it is best to wait half an hour until you brush your teeth. Because the acid weakens the enamel, which is then lowering the care of the teeth.


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