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Introducing the bad breath issue

It is often unpleasant in the morning or after coffee. Bad breath can be a real handicap, and is not necessarily due to lack of hygiene. Here are tips to know to ensure that bad breath will not spoil your social relationships.

Certain foods can make heavy breath, such as garlic, onion, or even alcohol and tobacco.
Poor maintenance of oral hygiene can cause unpleasant odors; this is the case of caries, which traps food.

Wounds and infections in the mouth can also make the bad breath. Finally, the problems of the nose and sinuses and stress are triggers of bad breath.

Here are nine tips to deal with these different talkers of bad breath:

Saliva, whose role is to clean the mouth is less secreted at night than during the day. A deposit is thus formed during the night, and causes bad breath awakening. In this case, you can use a tongue scraper to eliminate these troublesome deposits.

Before going to bed, think about drinking a glass of water, because some foods are responsible for bad breath, such as onions, garlic or spices.

Reduce your intake of alcohol or tobacco, important factors of oral malodor.

As a last resort, consult a doctor. It is not easy to speak, but the cause may be elsewhere, and may be a doctor can find the solution. We generally do not know, but more than 300 drugs are also a cause of bad breath!

Do not forget to brush your teeth after every meal, or at least in the morning and evening.

The floss can be an effective ally; he sneaks where the brush cannot pass.

Take extra care if you wear braces. Food debris can cause bad breath.

A good mouthwash is also very effective against bacteria.

Also remember to change your toothbrush every two months.

If you have cavities, you then go to the dentist as soon as possible: it is them who make the bad breath in 70% of cases. It’s never easy to go to the specialist, but these oral problems, caries, advanced gingivitis, but also, abscess, or periodontal (advanced gum infection) can ruin your life (and others).

The teeth are often the main source of breath problems.

Finally, the good old chew gum: try it without sugar.  Especially, chew it well! This is where you secrete more saliva; its role is to clean the teeth.

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