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Things To Know About Gluten-Free Nutrition

Many combine a free nutrition diet with a waiver of everything that tastes particularly good. But basically they don’t have to do without anything. It is only important to know which products contain gluten. These are now avoided and replaced by gluten-free products. We tell you what hidden gluten products you need to pay attention to, how you can put the gluten-free diet into your everyday life.

Things You Need to Know About Glute

Gluten is an adhesive protein that is included in most cereals. The gluten is particularly high in wheat. The wheat has been bred for centuries and in such a way that first the yield and secondly the gluten is particularly high.
Therefore, gluten is processed in almost every industrially produced food product. And not only that: gluten can be included even in medications, toothpaste and cosmetic products. As a result, it is not so easy at first to dispense completely with gluten.

Cereals such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, grain, kamut and products like semolina, barley, starch, cereal flakes, cereal pasta, pasta, bread, buns, baguette, pita bread are one of the main products that contain gluten.

Hidden Gluten:

-Ready-made sauces (including seasoning sauces such as soy and fish sauce), finished dressings, ready-made soup medications, toothpaste and cosmetic products such as lip care pens.

-Dairy products with fruit preparations

-Flavourings, dyes, stabilizers, thickeners, gelling agents, flavour enhancers

-Ketchup, mustard and seasoning sauces such as soy sauce, fish sauce and other.

-Fashion drinks, sodas flavored tea or coffee.

If you now eat gluten-free, you automatically have the advantage that in future you will not only keep your body from gluten, but also from all the chemical additives that are included in most of the ready meals. The easiest way to do this is to switch to gluten-free nutrition when you start cooking and baking everything yourself and fresh at home. So you always know exactly what’s in your food and get a sense of what you eat.

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Furthermore, the gluten finished products from the shelf are without gluten, but this is often the only criterion. The typical chemical food additives are still included. There may also be additional substances to mimic the properties of the lack of gluten.



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