The Nutrition Pyramid

The food pyramid, which is shared by the Ministry of Health with experts in the fields of nutritional medicine, nutritional sciences and health promotion, shows how a healthy diet can look in the best possible way.

Healthy Eating Pyramid

The food pyramid provides information on the type and quantity of food and beverage that should be included. It is built according to a building block principle. The seven levels of the pyramid can be used to read how often different food groups should be eaten.

-Water, herbal and fruit tea: at least 1.5 liters a day should you drink from it. Because without water, nothing runs in the organism. Under normal conditions, people lose about 2.5 liters of water every day. Part of the liquid is absorbed through the food. However, most of the loss of liquid should be balanced over drinking.

-Raw, cooked, stewed, at meals or in between meals– enjoy vegetables, salad and fruit as you wish. 
It is worthwhile to use all the abundance of nature. In addition to cohlenhydrate, fruit and vegetables provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, mineralrich and secondary plant substances.

Food Guide Pyramid

-The earlier saturation encampments have significantly improved their image and often play a solo role. Just think of delicious pasta, baked potato or risotto. The more unadulterated these foods come to the plate, the better it is.

-Dairy products, meat, sausages, fish and eggs are important protein suppliers. Dairy products should be consumed daily. They provide the body with calcium, which is essential for bone health, among other things. For dairy products, but also for meat and sausages, low-fat varieties should be preferred. In addition to protein, vitamins and minerals, meat and so on  often also contain many (hidden) fats.

-Eat low in fat and prefer vegetable oils. They supply you with so-called simple and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are important for the body. As a carrier of the fat-soluble vitamin E, you protect the cells.

-Not too much, please. But don’t be afraid: Chocolate, nibbles for example, are not banned. They are not suitable only for breastfeeding of hunger. The conscious enjoyment of small quantities is the right way.

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