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Supply Your Body At Work With The Necessary Nutrients

Often there is a lack of time in the workplace to eat relaxed and to supply the body with the necessary nutrients. Then snacks like chocolate, cakes or biscuits can help for a short time over a low performance-but it is not healthy. We have alternatives; many people don’t eat anything before they go to work. If you have breakfast after your arrival at the workplace, the expert opinion is not a big problem. However, a nutritious breakfast should not be completely absent. A combination of fat dairy products and whole grain or cereal-containing foods is useful.

How Nutrients Affect Your Body

During lunch at the workday, healthy meals should be on the menu. A salad as a side dish brings the necessary vitamins to the plate. Once a week, a large salad portion can also replace the main meal. Homemade foods made of vinegar and oil often taste better than ready foods, which contain a lot of fat with yogurt and cream. In the main dish, potatoes, rice or whole grain noodles are a healthy alternative to fries or croquettes. Fat-rich meals can press the efficiency and pull the worker into a hole. As a matter of principle, it is important to always use fat, but still nutritious and fiber-rich foods.

If you have to get away without a canteen, you still don’t need to eat a variety of meals: fresh fruit and vegetables give sandwiches the necessary pep. Vegetarian spreads, pesto or cream cheese can be a good alternative to butter or margarine. If you have a microwave oven in your kitchen, you can cook stews in larger quantities, freeze them and take them to your workplace as needed.

Essential Nutrients and Why Your Body Needs Them

Vitamins are important especially in everyday office life. Professionals who sit in front of the computer all day should integrate foods with a lot of vitamin A into the diet. It strengthens the vision needed for the job. Vitamin A and beta carotene, which is partially converted into vitamin A in the human body, are contained in vegetable varieties such as carrots, kale and fennel, but also in egg yolks and fish oils.

necessary nutrients

Smokers have an increased need for vitamin C and E. You should therefore provide sufficient vitamin supply. Fresh fruit and high-quality edible oils such as wheat germ and sunflower oil are helping.


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