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Nutritional Tips For Children

Children’s recipes should not only taste good, but also be good for the development of the child. Healthy nutrition is important for the growth and prevention of deficiency symptoms, metabolic diseases or hypertension. However, there are no “healthy” or “unhealthy” foods – in the right proportion, all foods can contribute to a healthy diet. Children’s recipes should be based on the diversity and balance of healthy nutrients.

For this very reason, parents should pay more attention to their children’s diet and health and make their children’s recipes for the little ones palatable, because nutritional behaviour is a central part of a healthy lifestyle. When choosing children’s recipes, pay special attention to the fact that the children have enough low-sugar drinks and lots of fruit and vegetables as well as whole grain food.

Your Child Should Drink Abundantly Throughout The Day

Prepare meals fresh at home. This way your child learns natural access to food. Offer your child daily fruit and vegetables. Make sure that the preparation is suitable for children: e.g. vegetables, fruit in columns or vegetable sticks. Your child should drink abundantly throughout the day; ideal are tap or mineral water, unsweetened herbal or fruit teas or diluted fruit and vegetable juices.

Vitamins And Minerals

Do not leave your child on your own in terms of food supply at school. Prepare a box: In addition to whole meal bread, pastries and milk or dairy products, small slices of fruit or vegetables should not be missing as snacks and a sugar-poor beverage. Give your child a normal handling of candy. A general ban is not a good solution. Sweets should also be used in education, not as a means for praise or consolation.

Prepare It Together In A Playful Way

Eating together at the table underlines the importance of nutrition in daily life. Cook together with your children. Simple meals can be prepared by children. Many children can not distinguish sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Therefore, try to sensitize the child’s sense of smell and taste. In a playful way, access is easier.

Don’t force your child to eat. Children still have unadulterated access to hunger and saturation and should keep it as much as possible.

Nutritional Tips

Hide Healthy Ingredients In Food

In general, it is best to miss the children of their necessary part of valuable food if one hides the healthy proportions throughout the food. For example, if the children do not like a perfectly healthy cabbage vegetable, one can prepare a tasty casserole with potatoes, in which the cabbage is added in small chopped form. So you can bring the most diverse vegetables, which are not like to be taken in pure form, among the children.

Healthy Food For Children From The Beginning

Pasta and French fries are still among the children’s favourite dishes. Unfortunately, these foods do not provide the necessary ingredients that the child needs for its development. A major ingredient is vegetables and salad. All important components are included here. Babies should be nourished in a healthy way. A puree of boiled carrots is just one of many ideas. The latter can be supplemented with a few strips of ham over the course of time, thus improving the baby’s taste. In addition, the child can be accustomed so quickly to the soon following solid food.

By the way, even cooking carrots is significantly cheaper than the finished version from the glass. In addition, even cooked meals taste much better-this also applies to infants and children.

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