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The Nutrition Factor For Muscle Building

Exercising is good for the body; but to get muscles, the right nutrition muscle building diet is just as important. This includes a balanced diet that measures the individual calorie requirements and therefore also depends on the goal of the training. A successful muscle building diet is far from as complicated as many athletes suspect. But of course, some important factors, processes and processes of the body must be consciously perceived and understood.

All About Muscle Growth


They are the living conditions for the cells in animals, plants and humans, because they are responsible for the repair of the tissues and the cellular structure. In the form of hormones and enzymes, they regulate the metabolic process and provide the muscle fibres for movement. Proteins are present even in the immune system and in the blood. While they are rather unimportant in energy metabolism, they are an essential value for muscle building, as proteins supply the main building material.

Carbohydrates For Muscle Building

Carbohydrates are a factor not to be underestimated in the muscle-building diet. The increased insulin distribution makes it possible for the body  due to the ingestion of carbohydrates to pump important nutrients much faster into the muscles. Carbohydrates are needed in order to be able to place proteins in the musculature at all. If you only take proteins, a part of them must be consumed again in order to be able to produce the essential carbohydrates for storage.

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Healthy Fats

The body absorbs healthy fats much more easily than its unhealthy counterparts. Some of them can be formed by the body itself, as with monounsaturated fatty acids. Although these are not of high importance, they also reduce cholesterol levels and prevent early calcification of the arteries. Monounsaturated fatty acids are the “worst” of healthy fats. The next better level is the polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is not possible for the human organism to form it-even though it needs it. Therefore, this nutrient must be fed to the body with the food, because otherwise it can come to deficiency symptoms.


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