Nutrition Has An Effect On The Inflammation Process

Hidden inflammations that are not even noticeable can cause dangerous consequences. The right diet should help to stop these fires in the body as quickly as possible.

Nutritional Effects

Many diseases are based on more or less hidden inflammatory processes. Lifestyle and nutrition have an influence on the individual risk of inflammation. Thus, pollutants, environmental toxins and certain foodstuffs such as fire accelerators. Especially obese people with a lot of abdominal fat are at risk.

Benefit and Side Effects of  Nutrition

Healthy, fresh skin is basically based on a base-surplus diet that contains a lot of high quality fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetables provide the body with important vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants that can refine our skin and protect us from wrinkles.

In addition to a balanced diet, our skin also needs a sufficient amount of still water, at least 2 litres a day. Water is undeniably the most important substance we take every day. It serves as a medium for chemical reactions and metabolic processes, cleans the body and also helps the skin to excrete harmful substances. Even water rich fruits and vegetables can support the skin in the discharge of pollutants.

Nutrition Side Effects

Our skin can only stay healthy if it is adequately supplied with minerals. Three important minerals are silicon, zinc and sulfur. These minerals are the basis for a functional, active and young skin.

For example zinc helps to control the fat content of the skin and balances the androgenic hormonal processes that cause acne. Zinc is also very important for the formation of collagen. A protein which is the basis of the connective tissue and the skin.

Since sugar consumption has risen sharply over the last few decades, the risk for fire-herds and threshold inflammations have also grown. Because candy intensified the fire-promoting messenger substances in the body.

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