How Nutrition Has An Influence On Training Workouts

Athletes need to pay attention to their diet. In addition to the actual training, the diet significantly influences training success.

Workout Nutrition Explained

Which diet is well suited and which does not depend on your personal training goal. Anyone who runs power sports or bodybuilding needs a lot of energy and a lot of protein. If fat is to be burned, the supply of carbohydrates should be reduced.

Two substances are important for athletes: carbohydrates for sufficient energy and proteins to build muscle. Before training, you should take enough carbohydrates. The last meal is best eaten at least one hour before the training. Then the body is not so much busy with digestion and can provide its energy for sport. Not all carbohydrates are equally good. Simply sugar, as it occurs in sweets, allows the blood glucose level to rise quickly and provides only short-term energy. Food with long carbohydrates such as whole grain products and oatmeal provide energy in the long term and constant. Before training, for example, eat whole wheat, wholemeal noodles or yogurt. But do not use sweets and too many white flour products. Even protein should not be too short for eating before training. For this way your body can access the important proteins already during the training.

Exercise and Eating Healthy

If you get hungry during training, bananas, fruit juices or cereal bars are recommended. However, you should refrain from larger amounts of food or even warm meals during training.

training workouts

After training, the body is drained and needs fresh energy. If your muscles are heavily stressed, your body also demands high-quality protein. If you are mainly building muscle, you can easily eat fast digestible carbohydrates.

What your body needs after sports are minerals like magnesium and important vitamins. Make sure you have enough fruit and vegetables. And most importantly, drink enough. For active athletes, two to three liters of water a day is recommended.

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