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Which Meditation Is Right For Me?

Which method is right for you depends entirely on your specific needs. It depends on how much energy accumulates in you over the course of the days and weeks, whether you need more rest, stimulate your imagination wilster and which sensory impressions are most important for you. There are many types of meditation, and most of it is not only one that supports a person with great support. If you want to make sure you find the most suitable method for you, just try it. This entry into a number of techniques gives you a foretaste.

Silent Meditation

The object of this meditation is to remain in silence with little and to draw attention again and again. The aim of the silent meditation is the state of complete thoughtless in which the mind is free and is in the quiet state of not knowing. For the silent meditation there is no fixed posture, a restriction to a minimum of movements and verbal expression is however sensible. Gradually, the insights from these intensive reflections go into everyday life and allow greater serenity.

Walking Meditation

While walking, the two brain halves activate equally. Because the steps of the left and right legs take place in a calm rhythm. If the logical, left hemisphere is more active in daily life, the right half of the intuition will now turn on as well. In meditation, attention is focused on the steps and internal processes.


Meditation with the mantra can also be a passive meditation. In their active form, the meditators not only think of the mantra or murmur it quietly, they say it loudly or sing it. When sitting or standing, they often perform circular or other rhythmic movements of the upper body. In this way, the body and the mind merge in the concentration on the words or the word, on the forms of syllables in the mouth and the momentum of the body.

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Mindfulness Meditation

This technique is characterised by an upright sitting posture that establishes a connection between tension and relaxation. Attention is focused on feelings and bodily sensations as well as on thoughts just as they appear. If you practise this meditations art, you are in the position of the observer. You perceive feelings intensely, you may name them in thoughts for yourself, but do not evaluate them and just let them pass.

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