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Which Meditating Method Is Right For You

There are countless ways to meditate. Meditating method, breathing meditation, object meditation and meditation with a mantra. The type of meditating method practice that is right for you depends entirely on your personality and can change over time depending on your life situation or emotional condition.

Simple Meditation Techniques

If you have not yet dealt with mantras, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at them. A mantra can help you keep the focus during your meditation and gives the mind a meaningful task. This is a helpful support just at the beginning of your meditation practice.

The word “mantra” comes from Sanskrit and means as much as saying, song or hymn. In the traditional sense, it is a sacred and highly effective syllable, a word or a whole verse. A mantra can transport spiritual power and manifest itself through multiple recitations in physical existence. You can repeat it like a prayer silently in the spirit, whispering to you, speaking aloud, or singing.

There are old traditional mantras and new modern mantras. Basically, every syllable, every word, every verse or sentence that seems to be right for you can be used resonates as a personal mantra. In the following we would like to introduce you to some common mantras that are used in yoga.

First, choose a mantra that fits well with you and your current life situation. Of course, you can also create your own mantra. For example, you can use “I am” and add an important feature or condition that you wish to have in the end. Maybe your mantra is “I’m happy”. It is important that you stay in the present, because so your brain suggests to your body at recitation that this state is currently present and pours out messenger substances. It puts you inside this state through the power of your thoughts.

Now start with the recitation of your mantra. Whether you do this quietly, correlate with breathing, murmur it quietly before you, or rather sing, is entirely up to you. Just do what feels best and most natural to you. Meditate as long as you like. You can either use a timer to set a mediation period or do it unlimited.

Finish your practice with a few deep breaths and repeat your intention again or speak your inner gratitude for all the wonderful people, conditions and things you have in your life. If you have already developed your own meditation practice for yourself, then integrate the mantra as it appears to be consistent.

Meditating today already enriches the everyday life of many people. This intense experience of the inner and outer worlds, culminating in a sense of unity, can take place in many forms. The classic gain is just one of many attitudes in which you can sink deep into yourself. Because there is a great abundance of different meditating method techniques and postures. Even moving meditations are now very popular. This work is not always done with the becoming contemplative.

Which method is right for you depends entirely on your specific needs. It depends on how much energy accumulates in you over the course of the days and weeks, whether you need more rest, stimulate your imagination  and which sensory impressions are most important for you. There are many types of meditation, and most of it is not only one that supports a person with great support.

Peace Meditation

In silence with little to persevere and to draw attention over and over again, is the subject of this meditating method. The aim of the silent meditation is the state of complete thoughtless in which the mind is free and is in the quiet state of not knowing.

meditating method

Mindfulness Meditation

An upright sitting posture, which establishes a connection between tension and relaxation, characterises this technique. Attention is focused on feelings and bodily sensations as well as on thoughts just as they appear. If you practise this meditations art, you are in the position of the observer. You perceive feelings intensely, you may name them in thoughts for yourself, but you will evaluate them.

Active meditation 

Techniques such as Zen Buddhism already show, that they can also take place in motion an intense state of the interior show. This form meditation is particularly valuable for people who are not able to move too much in their profession. Physical energies can begin to flow, the mind opens and leaves unnecessary thoughts behind.


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