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Meditating Is Easy And Has Many Positive Effects On Your Mind And Body

Through meditation you become more confident, focused and energetic. You gain inner strength and alertness as you relax at the same time. In everyday life meditation helps to deal with stress and anxiety situations better. As a beginner, however, you usually have a few questions;

How can I learn to meditate? How do I start the best? What attitude should I take? What do I have to watch out for and how do I know I’m doing it right.

If you’re thinking about meditation, you’ll probably see pictures of Indian yogis sitting in the head like a stone figure and seemingly doing nothing. This is how meditation can look, but it doesn’t have to. Because meditation can also take place when you are talking to someone when you are showering, walking or just before falling asleep. When you begin to learn to meditate, we recommend that you make it as easy as possible. That means you don’t do anything else at this time. One focuses exclusively on meditating.

The Meditation Place

Is where you will find a place where you want to meditate. Look that it’s quiet and clean. You should like the place and look forward to spending some time there every day.

Care For Relaxing

Before you start meditating, see that it is quiet and pleasant in your place. That is, turn your phone on silently and ensure that you are not interrupted by anyone for the duration of the meditation.

The Posture

One of the most important things about meditating is that you have an upright spine. An upright back causes your chest to open, you can breathe freely and an unhindered flow of energy is achieved. You just let your arms fall into your lap and you put your hands into each other. The thumbs show against each other but do not touch each other. The head looks loosely straight. You’re dropping your shoulders.

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After taking the first deep breaths, be aware of your breath with your attention. At the beginning it’s all about “getting out” from your head and “entering” into your body. Feel your breath as it slowly flows into your body and flows back out. Watch out for every little detail. Watch your abdomen expand as you inhale and the air flow through your upper lip when you exhale. The goal now is to observe your breath consciously during the whole meditation.

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