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How Meditating Changes The Functioning Of Our Brain

Studies by means of imaging technique show that regular meditating changes the functioning and structure of the brain. However, depending on the type of mental sinking, the effect is different.

Meditation Techniques

Today, meditation has become easier to control. Scientists can conduct innovative research and present the latest findings on the effects of meditation on body and mind in public. We are not amused when we are in companies of mindfulness training and meditation reports and in large offices with managers and their employees meditate. A few years ago this would have been unimaginable to us.

Now it has been found that meditation mainly affects a central network of brain cells, the so-called default mode network. Both the activity and the links in this network are often meditators different from those of meditation newcomers.

Meditation Techniques

According to the researchers, the results also explain why regularly meditators can better focus on a current situation or tasks in everyday life and are more attentive.

The study has now shown that meditation influences the mechanisms underlying these disorders in the brain. This awakens the fascinating possibility that we could selectively alleviate diseases through such a simple and inexpensive method as meditation.

Meditation Practice

In addition, a regular meditation practice slows down the aging process in the brain. Because yoga and meditation protect the brain from the decline of the grey brain volume. People who practise and meditate on a regular basis have had a brain volume comparable to that of a young person, according to the study. Brain scans show that emotions such as joy and happiness also show more activity in the left hemisphere.

Meditation Practice

This explains what many people who practise yoga and meditate on a regular basis feel at their own bodies. Meditating makes you happy! In a culture in which we constantly plan for the future, meditation helps to stay at the moment, to reflect consciously and to think positively.

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