How to make a shower meditation

Meditation is the art of blanking out your mind and letting your body going into total relaxation getting rid of all the stresses and negative thoughts that we as humans have. Finding time to meditate probably one of the constraints in allowing you to do on a daily basis.

There are various different meditation methods and you can do it while walking sitting at the desk when you have a spare moment and one effective method is to meditate while showering.

Here are some of the meditation techniques that you can use:

  • While the water is washing over your body believe that it is washing away all the negative thoughts that you might have and any negative thoughts that you could be having of yourself. Regard it as cleaning your thoughts and feelings
  • You can also turn the meditation into a positive thought process whereby you focus on your daily or monthly goals or a project that you could be working on. Imagine the water being energising and invigorating and you absorbing the positive effects.
  • When you get out of the shower you can choose a mantra that will inspire you for the day ahead. Instead of considering the day ahead as a problem view as a challenge that you are going to overcome and you could say something positive such as ‘ really looking forward to work today ‘ or whatever will inspire you.

Every time you take a shower envisage the water washing away all your concerns and stresses. Focus on the water that is running over your body and how it feels on your skin. Then imagine the power the water has to wash away all your fears. anger and regrets and while you are washing the soap off your body you imagine that all these feelings are being washed down the drain

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