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Have You Found Your Meditation Form?

A wealth of possibilities to discover your inner self and thus to come to new insights is available to you with these meditation techniques. You can identify which method suits you best by trying it out.

Peace of Mind Meditation

The mind can relax with this technique by keeping it on a tiny part of the world. This can be one’s own breath, a mantra or an inner image.
The circling thoughts of everyday life come to rest and focus more and more only on the goal of meditation. If you use a mantra for this method, say a short sentence or even a word again and again, or think this sentence over and over again. The meaning blurs slowly until it reforms itself anew and often unexpectedly. Thinking is clear afterwards and can work on specific tasks.

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Active Meditation Technique

As buddhism already shows, an intense state of inner-view can also occur in motion. This form is particularly valuable for people who are not able to move too much in their profession. In some active methods, a rapid expression of pent-up feelings is possible, so that even stronger blockages can be solved.

Body Scan method

In the body scan, it is a matter of a relaxed atmosphere, mostly lying down, with the help of concentration on the breath the body after tensions and sensations of any kind. The body is thus gradually scanned from bottom to top for sensations and these are consciously perceived. This method is now applied in many therapy facilities worldwide and can have amazing successes in the treatment of many mental and physical diseases.

Kundalini Meditation

At the base of the spine sits the kundalini. In the inactive state, it is rolled up like a snake. If she wakes up, she rises along the spine and is available as a great force. The kundalini meditation activates this energy in its first part by shaking the corresponding center as well as the whole body. The blood flow increases as well as the heart rate.


In Yoga, the yogi or the yogini takes certain postures or performs specific movements. These help to feel the unity between body, mind and soul. Usually a teacher leads through a consciously chosen series of asanas (these are the yoga exercises), which are loosened from rest periods and times of meditation. So it is possible to make the exercises work intensely and immediately feel the energies that become free through them.


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