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Try These 2 Juices For A Flat Belly

A flat belly is particularly desirable in the summer months. A flat belly is not always self-evident. Even slender people can show a roundish tummy through flatulence, water storage and other ailments, which is perceived as a blemish.

Of course, the most common cause is excess belly fat, which is slow, but still safe, fed. As a further cause of a “small tummy”, there are also bloating, constipation or water storage. These are relatively easy and quick to fix, so that the effect of a flat abdomen occurs very quickly. Basically you should heed the following tips:

Lemon Juice

Of course, lemon juice does not melt fat, but it can still help us during a diet. The lemon contains not only citric acid, but also natural bitter substances that act as a natural appetite suppressant. In addition, these bitter substances act against bacteria, cancer and inflammation and lower cholesterol. Particularly many bitter substances are in the peel of the lemon – especially in the white areas. This also applies to all other citrus fruits, but especially to grapefruits.

In order to benefit from the bitters against belly bacon, a whole lemon velvet bowl mash to a lemonade and dispense with sugar. You only need: 1 lemon and 500ml of water.

Cut the well-washed lemon from organic cultivation into small pieces, add the water and work both ingredients in the blender to a lemonade. If you like, the lemonade can still taste with Melissa or basil.

Kefir With Berries

Kefir contains healthy lactic acid bacteria, which are very similar to those of the intestinal flora.

Thus, kefir contributes to a healthy intestinal flora that regulates digestion. In currants there are many fibers through the cores and solid shell of the individual berries, which stimulate the bowel activity in case of constipation. You need: Bottle of kefir, 1 handful of currants.

flat belly

Fill the kefir in a bowl, pluck the currants from the stem and try whether you have to sweeten. If the kefir or the berries taste too sour, find healthy or calorie-free alternatives to sugar, for example stevia.


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