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Many people shy away from a diet based eating principle, because those who want to eat healthy recipes cannot get any sandwich at the next bakery around the corner, but have to plan their diet a little bit. When the cravings come to sweets or you are invited to dinner, there is a need for alternatives-and that is just too awkward for many. Healthy recipes can easily be integrated into everyday life, everything you need is the right ingredients. For example, If you want to bake a cake, you just have to pay attention to white flour and sugar. Good alternatives are spelt or wheat flour, gluten-free coconut fibres or almond flour. Instead of margarine, high-quality fats such as coconut oil or olive oil are used. You can easily replace the sugar with honey, maple or rice syrup, also full cane sugar, coconut blossom sugar or dried fruits such as dates may be used to sweeten.

Green Asparagus Drains

A lot of potassium and little sodium is optimal to keep the fluid balance in order. Green asparagus helps to excrete water with 203 milligrams per 100 grams. The bloated feeling disappears, the metabolism works better again. New from the pan do not bathe the green asparagus in the pot. Try it out of the pan as a lightning-fast dish.

Radishes Help For Digestion

Radishes supply many valuable essential oils. They stimulate all digestive glands and, for example, accelerate the intestinal passage. More fat is simply excreted again and does not migrate into the pads. The fibers from radishes also increase the saturation effect. In the truest sense of the word, radishes defuse the often too fat sliced cold meat.

Avocado Promotes Hormones To Become Slim

Avocados contain less sugar, but much more fat than other fruits. And that’s exactly why they are important for the diet program. They provide the body with valuable unsaturated fatty acids that it cannot produce, but it needs urgently for the metabolism to work. Only with their help are hormones produced that stimulate the fat loss. Best stuffed; as an ingredient for lightning-eating, avocados are at the top of the podium. Simply halve, remove the core, drizzle the pulp with a little lemon juice and fill the halves with 100 g of deep-sea crabs.

Onions Stabilize

The plant fabric quercetin from the onion keeps the blood sugar level stable after a meal. This produces less of the thickening hormone insulin and also converts less energy into fat. The problem with fast salads is often the calorie-rich ingredients. But with onions it gets enough aroma without fat.

Healthy Recipes

Cabbage Is Medicine For The Gut

People who are struggling with overweight and stubborn pounds, often quite simply the intestinal flora is not in order. If you strengthen the good bacteria, it suddenly works with the weighting. Cabbage helps with its lactic acid bacteria in this process. Only cook briefly; cabbage is fermented and thus already ready for consumption. So you just have to heat it up for a second.

For those who prefer hearty, eggs are a wonderful alternative. They have valuable proteins and are long enough to keep you full. The comb with avocado is very special, because the unsaturated fats that our body needs for metabolic processes are stuck. How about an avocado-feta mushroom omelette?


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