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Delicious Gourmet Meals, Simple and Easy!

There are plenty of fresh ideas which will help you to spice up your meals everyday which will help you to avoid getting tired of the same menu in dinner time everyday. With little effort you could make your meal to be presentable as gourmet cooking. If you are willing to spend sometime and action it is very easy to become a gourmet cook. It doesn’t require so much of experience and money. You might need a good easy going knife, some basic equipment like pots and pans, some nice platters and the other basic stuff which you most probably are having in your kitchen.

Gourmet cooking is becoming one of America?s favorite pastimes. As the country continues to head deeper and deeper into a recession, American?s are finding that eating out is becoming a luxury that they can no longer afford. So instead of going to a restaurant to have a special meal, they?re recreating it at home, in their own kitchens. It?s easy to learn the secret of gourmet cooking. All you have to do is switch to one of the dozens of cooking shows available on cable or broadcast TV and watch some of the world?s most renowned chefs sharing their secrets. You can also go to the library and check out cookbooks with illustrated, step-by-step recipes for creating delicious, nutritious and beautifully presented gourmet meals.

In the gourmet meal every ingredient has to be fresh and the best. Usually pure butter takes the place of margarine, and cream instead of milk, fresh lemon juice instead of bottled lemon and so on. Always remember to avoid the canned products and replace with fresh ones in their place. Wine is an important ingredient and an inexpensive bottle of white wine will always come in handy.

Fresh herbs, onions, garlic and shallots add depth and flavor to any gourmet dish, and it?s always helpful to have a couple of boxes or cans of already-prepared chicken stock on the shelf. For a protein, think skinless chicken breasts or salmon. Rice, pasta and shredded cheese are food staples that should be in every kitchen, and frozen vegetables, such as broccoli, green beans or spinach can be the gourmet cook?s best friend.

With some practice, you can whip together nutritious, delicious and appetizing gourmet meals that rival those prepared at the finest haute cuisine restaurants. Chicken piccata, salmon in lemon cream sauce and stuffed chicken rolls in beurre blanc are just three simple, but gourmet meals you can make from these simple ingredients.

It is very important to be sure about maintaining the similarity of the size and shape of the chopped, sliced ingredients. This will serve in presenting a good and appetizing meal. The same size of the ingredients will help in even cooking and add elegance to the plate. This sort of presentation will show as if the dish is prepared with love and care. A good saute pan is an essential tool in this cooking. Before adding the butter to sear and saute? the pan should be preheated to help the preparation.

Presentation is the last, but not least step in preparing your delicious gourmet meal. You want your food to look just as good as it tastes and people?s first impressions of your meal go a long way in making the whole experience more enjoyable. Foods served on white serving plates garnished with fresh herbs and topped with an appropriately selected cheese are sure to be an eye catching, mouth watering sight. Follow these simple steps and guidelines, and you might soon find yourself with more house guests than you had before, all lining up to sample your delicious cuisine.

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