Things We Didn’t Know About Raw Food

Raw food, even eating more or less exclusively raw, is often portrayed as the healthiest of all nutritional forms. Cooked food is deprived of their nutrients as it is said. But should we really only eat the fruits of nature in their unwrought? Is it up to the allegations?

Raw Food Recipes

The main advantage of raw food is that the contained enzymes, minerals and vitamins remaine intact. These would be destroyed during cooking, which is why cooked, denatured food is inferior. Let us look at these substances in detail.


These substances act as catalysts for biochemical reactions. In the organism, they control digestion by decomposing food components, such as the Pepsin, which decomposes in the stomach proteins. Almost all enzymes are proteins themselves and humans produce them the same if there is no genetic defect.

Another example of an enzyme is lactase, which helps in the digestion of lactose, the milk sugar. People with lactose have no lactase. You can actually help the supply of lactase to digest milk. However, the amounts of the supplied lactase would have to be very large.


Minerals such as iron or zinc, which also include the trace elements, are part of the micro-nutrients. They are partly essential and can actually be lost due to strong food processing. However, cooking is not one of them, because minerals are hardly susceptible to heat.


In fact, the fewest vitamins are heat sensitive. Vitamin C is the most sensitive of essential vitamins and it loses its value under heat-as well as under the influence of oxygen or light. Vitamin B5 is also heat-sensitive and at very high temperatures the vitamins B1 and B9 slowly lose their value.

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Bad Comparisons 

It is out of question as to whether the common raw is healthier than an average fast food junkie. Such comparisons obviously are made by television editors, but are not in way objective and unfortunately distort public perception.

At least the result of the pouring raw food study gives the impression: more than half of the participants had underweight, one third of the women under 45 had no more menstruation – a symptom of malnutrition. Significant deficiencies were found in the supply of iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

So is raw food the best of all nutritional forms? It doesn’t look like it. For neither does it bring appreciable advantages over the same foods in boiled form, nor is it free of risks. However, there is no reason to completely banish raw foods from the diet. On the contrary: especially with fruit there is hardly any reason to cook it before consumption. And also many vegetables taste excellent untreated.

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