The Right Food Intake Before a Workout Sesssion

No matter if you are a professional, a hobby athlete or a casual athlete, the question of the right food before the sport is interesting for every active person. Even if the fitness goals such as fat burning, muscle building, performance enhancement or general well-being can be quite different.

Right Food Intake

The right food choice of food often includes food myths in the way, such as the pasta before the marathon or the exaggerated promises of the food supplement manufacturers, who lure cleverly to false tracks. Effective training with fat burning and muscle building even without pills.

In the hours before the training it is especially important to take enough fluid. This ensures the loss of sweat during physical exertion. But beware that we can accommodate a maximum of 0.3 l per quarter of an hour, so it is important to drink enough throughout the day.

If you fill up your glycogen memory with the energy stores in your body before your workout, this can significantly increase your performance in training. Especially in a low carb diet, in which the glycogen in muscle and liver provide little fuel reserves, a high-intensity training for you can become a real challenge. Glycogen is the energy source that your body is the easiest to convert.

Rules for Eating Right

Protein, the building material of our body, should be an integral part of preparing food before training. Perfectly supplied, during your training, amino acids are slowly released into your bloodstream, which promote the development of muscle protein.

To help you get the most out of nutrients during your training, you want to understand how quickly certain foods are digested. Also the timing, so when you plan to eat before the training, plays an important role.

Since fat is most slowly digested, you should eat little of it before training. A perfect workout meal is low in fat. Be frugal with oily meat, fish and oils.

A medium portion of meat or low-fat dairy products are a good choice, especially because they contain branched amino acids. These are the proteins that our bodies are unable to produce ourselves and which we therefore have to carry over the food.

Sometimes even the best planning doesn’t help. If the last meal is longer than 3 hours before your workout and you get hungry, you can eat a protein shake, a piece of fruit likr apple, strawberries, blueberries or some yogurt before training.

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