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The Importance Of Breakfast And Its Benefits

Breakfast is often described as today’s most important meal and for many, it is an irreplaceable meal as the start of the day, for some it is rather a rather unimportant part while for some it is almost impossible to get in food early even if you want to. Some take their time and eat in peace in front of the TV or with the daily newspaper in front of them while others tend to throw in themselves a sandwich just on the move towards today’s chores.

What does science say?

If you look scientifically at the importance of breakfast, amounts of research indicate that individuals with regular breakfast habits statistically have lower BMI and lower incidence of metabolic disorders. There is research that shows that children who daily eat breakfast less often are fat as well as perform better in school and a hearty breakfast has shown in studies an improved glucose tolerance, insulin and satiety for the rest of the day. Furthermore, there are studies that compare different types of breakfasts and choosing a decent fiber-rich breakfast, well balanced with both protein, fat and carbohydrates that primarily consist of ”slower” options is a good choice.

Perhaps the breakfast people simply tend to be of the kind who are concerned about their health and heard from different directions and edges that breakfast is good and thus you eat it. That category of people is more favorable active, stress less (and therefore have time to eat it) eat balanced and keep the weight, eat less sweet, drink less soda and alcohol, etc.

However, these study results must be taken into account and not disregarded when breakfast is discussed. The factors we mentioned regarding satiety and blood glucose control during the day are, of course, an important factor. It may well be that those who skip breakfast more often are the same person who chooses an extra bun for the coffee and/or some extra evening sandwiches? Then we again have a connection where not breakfast per se is the determining factor but that it still has consequences on other eating habits and meal patterns.importance of breakfast

A little general about breakfast and some tips

Breakfast as a meal is unique in the way that it is the meal that in the vast majority of cases follows the longest fasting. It is not uncommon for a period of 8-10 hours without food intake before breakfast.

Something else that discerns the breakfast for many is that people tend to choose the same thing to eat, at least to a greater extent than in terms of lunch and dinner. You ask a number of people on the street, ”what do you eat for breakfast?” so, you can most likely count on a number of answers in which the people in question turn out to eat similar food every morning (assuming that you eat breakfast at all, that is).

Eating porridge with milk, two eggs and a cup of coffee almost every day for 10 years is nothing to react significantly over, but if every lunch consisted of raw fried potatoes with oven-grated salmon and vegetables, most would probably react.

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