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How To Get Children To Eat Healthily?

Eating habits are learned in childhood and are later largely maintained. But how do you get children to eat healthily? Reminders and penalties are quickly going backwards. Better to work out healthy diets when parents are preliving them. A few practical tricks also help with delicate and overweight children.

How to Get Children to Eat Healthy Foods

The body of a child is in growth. For this, children need particularly high-quality food. In particular, the  minerals and vitamins play an important role.

A healthy diet helps to make children healthy adults – also because the dietary habits learned in childhood and adolescence tend to continue in adulthood. Through their role model and the selection of food, parents can promote the healthy diet of their children.

But not only what, but also how often children eat is important. Compared to adults, they have less storage capacity than nutrients, especially the carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, a regular meal rhythm is advisable. For each meal, water should be drunk to cover the fluid requirement.

It is recommended to have three main meals and one snack in the morning and afternoon. The main dishes should not be too lush, salty or greasy, and the snacks will consist of small portions of fruit and vegetables supplemented with dairy and cereal products.

-Compromises can be reached with older children. If you wish to have a meal or two a week, you can eat on the other days without having to complain big.

-Common meals are important. Whoever puts his child on the table alone must not be surprised if it eats hardly anything.

-Children feel exactly when they are full, unlike some adults. However, they still have no sense of what quantities are filling, which means that the eye is often larger than the stomach with the small ones.

-Children understand abstract arguments like “you become big and strong”, “that makes you fat”, “you  get bad teeth”, they often cause the opposite.

-Sweets should only be kept in small portions.

-Parents should be a role model for children and eat as little as possible.


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