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Effective Foods For Chronic Inflammation

In addition to a vitally poor and acidifying nutrition could also be too much stress, sleep deficits, lack of exercise, too little sunshine also environmental toxins, allergens, bacteria lead to chronic inflammation, which is finally in a chronic disease. 
The average diet in the Western world is overloaded with refined sugar, animal products and inferior fats. The best ingredients for a leavening, vitamin and mineral-poor diet, is the acid-alkaline household and inflammatory chain reactions.

In order to maintain all physical processes and prevent chronic inflammatory diseases, a predominantly alkaline diet with antioxidant vital substances such as vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin E, copper, selenium, zinc,Omega-3 will be great. We would like to give you some tricks along the way:

Lemon – Part Of The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

You can take part of your daily water workload with lemon water. Lemon water tastes better for many people than still water. Lemon water accelerates the deacidification and discharges of problematic substances. In addition, the lemon has anti-inflammatory effect, so that the lemon water strikes several flies with only one flap.

Magnesium In An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

An adequate and balanced mineral supply also has an effect on inflammation. As king of anti-inflammatory minerals can magnesium be chosen. Magnesium deficiency can therefore promote the development of chronic inflammation. According to a study, magnesium may even be an alternative for people who suffer from inflammatory diseases but want to dispense with the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical.

Fermented Foods Inhibit Inflammation

Fermented foods like raw pickled cabbage as probiotic superfoods do not only bring the digestion into swing and the intestinal flora into equilibrium. They also protect against inflammation by strengthening the immune system with beneficial bacterial cultures against infections. However, fermented dairy products such as kefir should be enjoyed with caution. They leave the organism, which in turn can favour inflammation.

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Onions And Garlic Have An Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Onions and garlic belong to the family of leeks, which are characterized by their health-promoting sulphur compounds. While onions use the sulfur molecule onionin A and the antioxidant Quercetin to defend against inflammatory processes, garlic is also a tried home remedy for inflammation.

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