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How Can You Positively Influence The Eating Habits Of Your Children?

Children usually eat sweet from the beginning and usually refuse bitter and sour. Over time, the environment, traditions and education influence eating habits. In childhood and kindergarten age, parents influence on children’s eating habits is particularly high.

Kids Eating Habits

Even at this time, the children can be strongly influenced by their parents and siblings, because they imitate everything that is being done to them. However, if certain foods, such as vegetables and salads, are part of the daily diet, this is a matter of course for children, even if they reject everything that tastes or looks like in the middle of difficult phases.

Role in Your Child’s Healthy Weight

-Show that eating means fun and enjoyment. Ensure a pleasant atmosphere by covering the table nicely. The eye also eats with children.

-Food must not mean compulsion. Children should decide for themselves whether and how much they want to eat. Trust your child and his natural saturation mechanism. Not every child eats the same amount every day.

-Encourage your child to try something new, too. For example, offer your child black and green olives and make the difference taste

-Children should also be allowed to drink while eating. It should be avoided, however, that children drink half a litre of liquid right before the meal and are already saturated.

eating habits

-Children love colors. Plates with different coloured dishes or a colourful drink, for example mineral water with a dash of red grape juice, automatically entice you to enjoy food and drink

-Children are constantly evolving. If you reject a particular dish, it may look different a few weeks later. Friends, educators and school also have a significant influence on children’s eating habits.


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