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9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sweet Oranges

Sweet oranges, citrus sinensis, as the name suggests are sweet in taste as contrasted with the bitter taste of regular oranges, citrus aurantium. This hybrid fruit is also known for its nutritional value apart from its sweet taste.

They belong to tropical climates and were cultivated in ancient China in spite of their origin being traced to Southeast Asia. It is used for a variety of purposes as a fruit – for making juices and its feel is used for aromatic creations. It is one of the most cultivated trees in the modern era and is easily available in all parts of the world.

Health Benefits Of Sweet Oranges:

1. This Vitamin C rich fruit has good antioxidants which are essential for humans. These antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals that carry out unwanted oxidations. These oxidation reactions are known to cause diseases and inflammatory experiences in the body.

2. A glass of orange juice is considered to be the most effective source of Vitamin C, even when you compare it with directly taking a Vitamin C tablet.

3. The long acting liminoids present in sweet oranges fight cancers relating to breast, stomach, skin, mouth and colon.

4. The compounds present in its peel of Sweet oranges are known to lower cholesterol levels with the same effectiveness of drugs.

5. The fiber content of the fruit is also high which helps to prevent atherosclerosis.

6. Sweet oranges are also prescribed for patients suffering from rheumatic arthritis.

7. This fruit also helps in controlling ulcers and is a good source of nutrients for avoiding stomach cancers.

8. The oils produced with the peels are healthy and help in controlling stomach ache, skin diseases and even acne.

9. Sores and ulcers can be treated with the juice of sweet orange which makes it a popular fruit in its own right.

According to USDA, Sweet orange contains vitamins, minerals and other such necessary nutrients and is one of the most preferred fruits in the world. This fruit contains no cholesterol and saturated fats, and has very low calories.

100 grams of sweet orange contains 47kcal, 11.75 grams carbohydrates, 0.94 gram protein and 2.4gram fiber.

  • USDA nutrition database also suggests that this fruit contains 53.2 mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams.
  • It is also a good source of Vitamin a, flavonoids, thiamine, folates and B complex components as shown in the chart above.
  • Minerals like potassium and calcium are also found in the fruit. Potassium is known to aid in cell and body fluid health for blood pressure related problems.

Thus the nutritional benefits of sweet oranges help you to fight diseases related to heart, skin, obesity and cures various types of cancers. Hence do try to include these sweet fruits in your diet to be safe from the lack of above nutrients.

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