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Ideas For Healthy Juices During The Summer Heat

In summer, in the shade no glass remains empty. Our body needs about 2-3 liters of liquid every day in summer. Those who are active in sports must drink even more. But which drinks quench the thirst best? Sufficient minerals should contain them, but not too many calories. In addition, drinking should not be a chore, but also varied and delicious. That’s why we have put together tips and ideas for sparkling thirst quenchers.

Mineral Water With Natural Fruit Aroma

For quenching thirst, mineral water is the most suitable, preferably with a high mineral content. If you want to have water with taste, you can add some lemon or mix juices. You can also simply aromatize the water yourself: cut some fruit, add it to the mineral water and let it take some time until a light fruit aroma is noticeable in the water. It is particularly tasty with apple carving, strawberries or melon.

Cold Teas

Even teas are coldly enjoyed a “hot” tip against thirst. There is a huge variety of teas for variety. To save calories and sugar, you can also make iced tea at home without any problems. Prepare a strong tea with little water and fill it with cool mineral water and ice cubes after pulling. Then taste the tea with a splash of lemon and some honey. Great flavors result from mixing the tea with.


Fruit is not only tasty and healthy, but also in mashed form a refreshing summer drink. So-called smoothies are ideal for a vitamin kick in between. You can even replace one of the recommended five portions of fruit or vegetables a day. For a summer smoothie, fruits are mashed in a blender and diluted with a shot of direct juice to optimum consistency. Such fruit shakes without additional additives provide many vitamins and minerals and are ideal to cover the body’s fluid and nutrient requirements on hot days.

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In the biggest summer heat, the appetite is often not so great. Milk shakes can replace a whole meal, depending on the ingredients, because in addition to the liquid they provide a relatively large amount of energy. For a milkshake just a few banana slices, a handful of berries and some milk with a blender to a creamy drink whisk. If you still like it, you can also add a shot of cream or natural yogurt and the shake at will sweet.


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