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Healthy Thirst Quenchers In Heat

Drinks should in principle only contribute to a very small part, if at all, to the daily total calorie intake. If a drink has less calories, its better. We have ideas for low calorie drinks for the summer;

Tropical temperatures of more than 30 °c and high humidity make most people sweat. In case of great heat, the body tries to get rid of the heat by sweating and for cooling. Sweating is therefore a natural protective mechanism of the body before overheating.


Green tea, tea, fruit or herbal teas – the selection of teas is great. Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, but always unsweetened! In summer, cooled fruit and herbal teas are good, which you can also refine – for example with leaves of mint or melissa. You can make teas either from fresh plants or from the dried tea variants. Less healthy are granulates, which often contain a lot of sugar.

Fruit Juices

An apple or rhubarb juice is a real treat on hot days. The tip is: dilute! Because pure fruit juice contains some calories due to the sugar that you don’t see. Mix fruit juices best with tap or mineral water (2 parts water, 1 part juice). Juices contain important vitamins and minerals, they also quench the thirst better than pure juices. Juices from the supermarket consist of fruit juice and mineral water. However, the amount of juice is often high here.


There are countless types of water like table water, spring water, tap water, mineral water (more minerals than tap water) or the silent variant.

low calorie drinks

Water is the thirst quencher number one! Because it has no calories and has important minerals that the body loses during perspiration. If you want to pay attention or take control your weight, you should grab water. Sweetened drinks such as cola, lemonade or energy are true calorie bombs.

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