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Healthy Drinks For Children

The temperatures also increase thirst and fluid demand. This is especially true for children, because their body has a higher proportion of water than of adults. The smaller the child, the more important it is now in the summer to replenish the quickly emptied liquid memory when heat is due to perspiration. But with what? The offspring usually require colorful limos, juices and drinks like sweetened teas or shakes. This is understandable, but in the long term we less healthy, because the consumption of cola and similar juices makes in the long run us thick, harms the teeth and increases the risk of diabetes. That’s why healthy drinks are so important for children.

Healthiest Drinks

The sugar-rich drinks that are so popular with many children not only deliver a lot of calories, they also increase the cravings for even more sugar and can therefore increase the risks twice. Sometimes a glass of soda or cola does not have to harm health. But even if children sip it daily, the risk of diabetes can rise by 22%.

Is good advice so expensive when it comes to serve the offspring child-friendly thirst quencher? Not at all. All you need is some imagination and creativity. Healthy drinks for children can even be conjured up quite easily, even without pouring the pure water for the more boring. This can be spiced up wonderfully, so that the dear little ones will find it really great: mineral water with frozen berries instead of ice cubes does not only taste wonderful but also looks great. Another insider tip: Finely mash fresh summer berries or other fruits and fill them with ice-cold mineral water. Super refreshing taste for example gutted and pureed watermelon. If your child is not too small and tolerates some acidity, you can add more flavor to simple mineral water, including freshly squeezed lemon juice and possibly a few lemon or lime slices.

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Healthy Drink Recipes

Some more work make ice cubes made of fruit puree, they also offer a lot for children’s eyes. Especially in heat, well-cooled teas are always used as healthy drinks for children. But please do not buy ready-made iced teas. They contain either sugar or sweeteners and are therefore not suitable as healthy drinks for children as well. Much healthier and super tasty teas are homemade, for example with fresh peppermint or lemon balm, which you can brew with boiling water, then let cool and cold. Small extras such as colorful drinking straws or funny cocktail skewers with fresh fruit make such healthy drinks for children of course also attractive.



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