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Some Health Benefits Of Beer

Beer is still commonly considered the cheap calorie bomb among alcoholic beverages. However, more and more scientific evidence shows that moderate beer consumption actually brings some benefits of beer.

The Health Benefits Of Beer

Moderate Beer Consumption Increases Propensity For Men

Researchers found that one beer a day doubles the likelihood of a successful, natural procreation. To explain this remarkable phenomenon medically, researchers still find it difficult. It could simply be related to the fact that beer drinking in moderation has a relaxing effect.

Beer Prevents Kidney Stones

Drinking a lot is generally the best remedy for kidney stones. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health, however, showed that beer specifically reduces the risk of painful small deposits. Even more than healthy tea. The fact that beer stimulates the urine is likely to have been widely known before.

It Is Good For The Brain Cells And Prevents Dementia

Alcohol is generally not just known as a memory support. After a particularly wet and cheerful evening, it also tends to do the opposite. But moderate consumption of alcohol reduces the likelihood of suffering from cognitive dysfunction and Alzheimer’s disease in the old age, by a total of 23 percent. Beer in particular is also good, because the plants contained in hops protects Xanthohumol brain cells from decay. This year’s study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed the substance, which was not found in any other plant.

benefits of beer

Amazing Health Benefits Of Beer

According to a report from the clinic in the United States, moderate beer consumption helps reduce anxiety and stress. As a guideline for women a maximum beer amount of 250 ml, for men of 500 ml was given.

Strong Bones In Menopause

Due to its high content of flavonoids, which lead to an increase in the hormone calcitonin in the body, beer can prevent changes in the bone structure occurring in menopause. In this stage of life, the antioxidants that are made available to the body through the beer also play a major role. They prevent premature ageing.


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