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Are Energy Drinks Really Harmless?

Energy drinks are real energy bombs – they revive your body and mind and are designed to raise your energy level, for example, to endure a long day of school, to improve your athletic performance or to overcome fatigue. In addition to these physical effects, energy drinks also have an impact on your brain.

Energy Drinks Effects

With caffeine, your brain is woken up and you become more attentive. Ideal Brainpower for exams you might think. In addition, the fluorescent drinks also influence the heart of the brain, so that after consuming an energy drink (at least temporarily) they feel cheerful, hilarious and in some cases even euphoric.

Due to the increasing demand of energy drinks and their association with heart and vascular diseases as well as sudden cardiac arrest, there are more and more studies on the effects of these drinks.

energy drinks

Energy Drink Side Effects Health

Recent research has shown that energy drinks are not the direct cause of these diseases, but can lead to increased blood pressure and a faster heartbeat, and that, under the influence of energy drinks, the heartbeat after exercise is slower.

How Energy Drinks Affect Your Body

The underlying causes are known harbingers of heart and vascular disease as well as sudden cardiac arrest. In addition, these effects of energy drinks even in small children lead to greater susceptibility to thrombosis.

 Not least due to the increased caffeine content, the use of energy drinks by (small) children is not advisable, but the increased risk of heart and vascular diseases would also justify a ban.

It has a negative effect on blood sugar levels, hormonal balance and defenses, and so ultimately the opposite of what you want to make the energy drink manufacturers feel Sugar does not give you additional energy, but it costs you energy.


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