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Drinking A Lot Is Important For Sore Throats And Flu Infection

Sore throats are often the symptom of a flu infection. The right drinks will help to solve the problem.

 It usually starts with an annoying scratching in the throat, which develops into full-blown throat pain in a short time – the flu infection, a typical representative of the winter cold season. Here only help rest and home remedies until the disease is cured. Especially important, drink a lot.

Clinical Signs and Symptoms of Influenza

Many patients still use a classic for sore throats: The good old mint tea. Mint tea in sore and hoarseness actually hurts more than its benefits. Due to the essential oils contained in the tea, the mucous membranes can dry out and the neck feels even more irritated, say experts. The tea may not be too hot, it can damage the vocal cords and increase the hoarseness.

However, if you suffer from coughing instead of sore throat, you may want to brew a can of mint tea. In such a case, the essential oils help to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of the cold.

The fluids keep the mucous membranes most and cold viruses cannot multiply so well. Medicinal plants have a germ-inhibiting effect, inflammation-insulating and swelling, and are therefore tea. Herbal teas are recommended for example from thyme, chamomile and mallow or the famous hot lemon. Whether hot or cold is not decisive and depends on personal preference.

During the acute phase, you should take as soft and non-irritating food as possible and pay attention to physical care for one or two days. It is important to avoid draught, long and loud speaking as well as smoking. The living rooms should have enough humidity too.

flu infection

Since even more serious infections such as bacterial tonsillitis may be the cause, you should consult a doctor if the symptoms are very pronounced or last longer than three days, or with fever, shortness of breath or severe swallowing problems accompanied.


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