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Use This Short Upper Body Training Plan To Strengthen Your Body

Flabby arms, hanging shoulders and escape ring-the training plan for the upper body leads to strong muscles and relieved joints. By the way, less is more: beginners start with ten reps per exercise, three sets. Best to start for three times a week.

The Best Upper-Body Workout

Front Lift With Dumbbell

With a dumbbell in each hand shoulder width, bend the knees easily. The palms point to each other. Now lift the stretched arms up to the shoulder height and slowly lower them again.

Strong Bicep Muscles

Keep the barbell bar under control. The upper body is upright, the lower back in a slight hollow cross position. Abdominal muscles and butt tense. Slowly and control the rod only by lifting the upper arms and bending the forearms over the elbow joint. The body , especially the upper arms  remain motionless. Now slowly return the rod to the starting position.

upper body training

Bench Press For The Chest Muscles

Must not be absent from the upper body training plan: Press the bench. It is considered the most effective exercise for the chest, but also trains shoulders and triceps. Lie down on a bench. Position the upper body so that the barbell is approximately at eye level. Press the feet firmly on the ground to get stability. Grasp the barbell bar shoulder wide and lift it out of the holder. Inhale and slowly lower the dumbbell bar towards the sternum. Then push the dumbbell up again.

Triceps Push Up With The Barbell

Last exercise in the upper body training plan: Place yourself in supine position on a dumbbell bench, the feet either on the floor or on the bench parked. Now grasp the shoulder wide and stretch the arms over the head so that the elbows are about the height of the eyes.


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